AINEA is the name sometimes given by Italian children to unknown things they fear.

AINEA is the name of a new brand of clothing for men and women designed by a creative team of the industrial textile company Lanificio Becagli.

AINEA is the ambition to provide a vision, a strategy and a totally new methodology to fashion collections, in a world radically changed by the Internet and the global market. The brand suggests to face the challenge without fear, with the awareness that the change, quicker than ever, is the only pivot around which any project rotates.

AINEA has presented its first women FW 2013/14 collection to the Italian buyers: coats and dresses highly focused on synthetic furs, one of the cornerstones of Lanificio Becagli. Every season AINEA is willing to recover and innovate one of the treasures of the textile workshop of Lanificio Becagli: playing with the inner structure of the raw materials to create unusual structures and patterns, so to grant new meanings and unexpected aesthetic results to the textiles.

AINEA is based on a pure Made in Italy manufacturing. Techniques, production timing and delivery are aimed at markedly change the traditional seasonality of the past. The objective is to shuffle the cards of the game to satisfy the new demands of the market. Throughout the year special projects and capsule collection will be designed in collaboration with retail and e-commerce with a product dynamic targeting uninterrupted new propositions for contemporary consumers.